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What is this about? This wiki is a sandbox where you can play around and get some experiences with MoinMoin, the software used to run the APL Wiki.

/!\ Note: This wiki is replaced at 00:01:00 GMT every night. This is necessary due to spamming activities

BeginnersStartHere (link directs you to the APL wiki)

If you want to learn about Wikis in general, klick MoreAboutWikis (link directs you to the APL wiki)

The following pages demonstrate typical markups in the APL wiki:

ExampleNo1 (read-only)

ExampleNo2 (read-only)

ScanOperator (read-only)

Feel free to change pages listed here. To create a new link write something in CamelCase. Clicking onto the link then allows you to create a new page. However, since this is a sandbox, all pages are frequently restored, so whatever you do it won't last. You don't need to login in order to edit a page or add a new one.




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