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 Z←{B}SEshw string;D;K;M;N;T;V;obj;objs;Filter;⎕IO;_CtpPor;nsFilter;upper
⍝∇SESHOW str -Lists all syntactic occurrences of<str> in the matrix of names specified in B
⍝ return the functions/operators/multiscreenpackages names(whole path)and the referred rows
 ⍝ may be side effect (session manager display) produced by function SEmsg
⍝ B:[1]bool 1=case insensitive [2]:limit list [3]:list to be searched
 ⍝ If B is not there then the list is all the functions and operators in the workspace
 ⍝ If ⊃B[3] is '↓' then the calling tree starting from B is built
 ⍝ If ⊃B[3] is '*' or # then search extended to namespaces(i.e. objects of all loaded groups)
 ⍝ If B is a two-el nested vector, then ←→ 0 V B where V is the list of
  ⍝ names to limit the search into. Useful to limit the scope of '↓'
⍝ ALSO multiscreen packages are searched in; when found, the result contains [!

⍝ . is considered a syntactical separator
⍝ <string> can contain . ; e.g. '#.Alm.' or '.MFU' or '.MFU.' or 'MFU.nCI'
⍝ when <string> is terminated by ]? then references to column_indexes are searched
   ⍝ NB


This is a CamelCase22



changed once by danb

To be or not to be (Shakespeare)
To be is to do     (Sartre)
To be doo be doo   (Sinatra)

This is an external link

1st try, testing

A paste from aplx:

G       N       OP      PDIFS   PSUMS

Does APL font within a sentence work? ¯3+¨⌊(2↑3↓⍇1 1),X[⍋X]   Yes it does!

This: ¯3+¨⌊(2↑3↓⍇1 1),X[⍋X]  also works but is shorter.

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